Four Types of Jackpot Games in Online Casinos

Online casinos vary, just like slot machines in casino halls. The type of game determines the winnings. There are simple games with small jackpots and complex games with huge payouts. In between there are games with bonuses and free spins.

Check out these 4 types of jackpot games:

  • 3-reel slots

    These are the simplest games to master and play. The 3-reel slot game is ideal for beginners; however, the jackpot is usually small. Players can stake small amounts when playing 3-reel slots.

  • Video slots

    The video slots are more complex. They feature 5 or more reels and can have over 100 different pay lines. The video slot games are more engaging and have the feel of a typical video game. The jackpots for video slots are higher than those for 3-reel slots. More often than not there are bonuses and free spins in these games.
    Video slots require gaming ability as well as strategy. With their graphics and sound quality, video slots are more enjoyable. Video slots are highly thematic and players will find themes that suit them in the that offers video slots.

  • Multi-level slots

    Multi-level slots are similar to video slots but with an additional levels feature. Players only progresses to the next level after successfully conquering the current one. These slot games offer jackpots that rise with each level.

  • Progressive jackpot slots

    Progressive jackpot slot games like Mega Moolah are networked through mobile, computer, and casino machines at halls all around the world. Every player contributes to the rising jackpot. These games only accept maximum stakes. They also have the highest jackpots. Progressive jackpot slot games are the most popular owing to their potentially huge pay-outs.
    With these options, the choice of game depends on the ability and risk tolerance of a player.